We are in love with colors! The greens of foliage, the reds of fire, the blues of the sea. Colors in their most natural form are beautiful and expressive. Some are radiant, passionate and lift our spirits up. Others are dark, bold and evokes a sense of mystery. When life throws lemons at us, we paint lemons on our nails. When life throws curve balls at us, we paint a net to catch them all. We paint our attitude and individuality on our nails. Yet, we couldn't bear the thought of covering our nails with chemicals. Especially those toxic chemicals painted over our cars! So we innovate an all-natural, water-based formula which allows for bold, colorful expressions on our nails. So no one has to sacrifice health for beauty again!



Composed of organic colorants, natural resin and water, our nail polish is free of toxins! No formaldehyde, acetates, toluene or alcohol. We source for natural's finest minerals to present you a natural glamor of bold, Brazen and happy colors. Indulge your nails in the world of nature.